V-Tours conversation between university and industry focused on soft skills

16th March 2017. Putting in practice one of the main objectives of the project, V-Tours has organized a half-day seminar at Madrid headquarters of Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) with professionals, companies, teachers, and public universities representatives.


V-Tours is an EU funded project working in a virtual platform to increase and improve the opportunities for dialogue between HE students and enterprises. For example, with virtual events in which company managers can present their organization, processes and business culture to the students.

Stakeholders debating about the relationship between university and industry.
Stakeholders debating about the relationship between university and industry.

In this seminar, researchers from Research Institute for Innovation & Technology in Education (UNIR iTED has conducted a debate with stakeholders to know their opinion about the Educational needs of Higher Education Students. There a lot of so-called “soft skills” that students have to address when they enter in a company as an employee.

Some of the attendees highlighted attitude and behavior as skills to take into an account as crucial for recruitment. Some others underlined the necessity to develop adaptative learning skills, very useful in an environment full of new challenges daily.

The presence of some the most important public universities in Spain, representatives from multinational companies, and social entrepreneurs has ensured an intense debate with a number of suggestions, opinions, and facts as a very useful outcome.



Carlos Fernández-Alameda

Science Journalist

UNIR Research UCC+i 

More info: research.ucc(at)unir.net