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14 to 16 years old women suffer more nomophobia

nomophobia, the irrational fear of being out of mobile phone contact./ CC0 Creative Commons
2017 - Sep 25
Researchers from Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) and University of Deusto lead the first instrumental work in spanish about nomophobia, the irrational fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

The 2nd World Open Educational Resources Congress will be held in Ljubljana

14 ministros de Educación en el 2º Congreso Mundial de Recursos de Educación Abierta
2017 - Sep 18
The Congress will follow the theme «OER for Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education: From Commitment to Action» Research Institute for Read more

Federico Mayor Zaragoza: “Estoy muy agradecido por todo lo que he aprendido y escuchado de las cátedras UNESCO”

2017 - Aug 1
Para celebrar el 25 aniversario de la creación de la red de cátedras, la Cátedra UNESCO en eLearning ha entrevistado Read more

Just policy is not enough

2017 - Jul 31
We need to complement policy advocacy and well-founded good-willing concerns with specific actions and clear implementation plans In July, 10-11, Read more

La virtud de investigar desde la diversidad

2017 - Jul 31
Los participantes pusieron esfuerzo, interés, empatía y una gran dosis de asimilación de conceptos ajenos. Un buen trabajo del equipo, Read more

Open Education practices can improve access to and efficiency of learning experience

2017 - Jul 2
One of the latest buzzwords when it comes to innovative developments in Higher Education is “unbundling”, which indicates a process Read more

Software is culture

2017 - Jun 16
Roberto di Cosmo, Director of Software Heritage, who I shared with a round table this morning at the World Summit Read more

Open Education is not free. Someone has to pay

Right before giving the opening keynote at #EdCrunch Ural At #EdCrunch
2017 - Apr 28
Open Education is cool, trendy, fancy, even hipster. Free and open for everyone from everyone. It is a sort of Read more

Polysemy, Open Education and the glass ceiling

OpenMed Regional Agenda in OER
2017 - Apr 27
Open Education is a chameleon. While being the same on the core, it means different based on the context. We Read more

Intervention Program reduces aggressivity and social isolation in students with ADHD

En España la incidencia del TDAH alcanza al 6,6% de los alumnos. / Oksana Mizina (Shutterstock)
2017 - Apr 27
The symptomatology of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be improved through appropriate neuropsychological intervention programs focused on attention Read more