Research Support Strategy 2015-2017 (PPI-3)

The Third Research Support Strategy 2015-2017 (PPI-3) at UNIR, recently approved, is committed to promote and facilitate the design and execution of Research Groups and activities, along with Research Lines aligned with the main academic fields of our institution, and the European Guidelines for Research.

The strategy provides UNIR funding to the Research Groups, for a determined period and according to measurable objectives and success criteria. One of the objectives is also to attract excellent researchers, Worldwide.

Our current research lines are focused on a number of relevant fields like, i.e. Educational Technology, Education, Communication, Social Sciences, Social Work, Business, Psychology, Humanities, Accessibility, and Engineering, amongst others.

For further information, please visit UNIR’s Research Groups websites and the overall information about research at the university, at UNIR Research (// .


  1. Social Sciences
  1. Communication
  1. Economics
  1. Education
  1. Technology
  1. Accessibility
  1. Social Work

8. Psicology