About UNIR Research

UNIR Research – the International Research Unit at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) – designs, implements and evaluates research strategies at the university, at international level. UNIR Research encourages researchers and professors to contribute effectively to research activities at UNIR, by participating in research groups, in national and European Research Projects, as well as in a wide range of calls and initiatives related to research and to the technological aspect of the institution. It enhances the life cycle of research and innovation projects towards a practical application of the knowledge generated, always seeking to multiply the social impact of scientific activity and with special emphasis on international projects. It also focuses on technological aspects that improve the experience of learning, teaching, tutoring and administration of the context and educational process at the University.

UNIR research integrates and directs research activities at UNIR in line with the main academic fields of the university (Technology, Education, Communication and Social Sciences, Health, amongst others). To achieve this, it has the Office of International Projects Management (OPI). In addition, UNIR Research provides a service of care for the legal protection of research results through the registration of patents focused on educational and technology innovation.

  • The OPI is responsible for the administrative and document management of all UNIR international projects, as part of UNIR Research. It is the instrument for conducting the management of research activity through participation in international competitive projects. It provides information, promotion, recruitment, management and training services in all matters related to the financing, implementation and evaluation of research activities at the international level, with particular emphasis on the Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ research programmes. This way, UNIR researchers can design and implement international public projects with support in the administrative and financial parts of the OPI. The office prioritizes value creation at all stages of the process of participation in these projects, including idea analysis, partner search, proposal submission, implementation support, and justification and auditing of activities, under criteria of quality, rigor and excellence.

Further, UNIR Research promotes research agreements with national and international institutions from all over the world, (mostly from Spain, Europe and Latin America). UNIR Research also represents the university at international congresses, in international organisms and Executive Boards.


Some historical background, from September 2011 until present

From September 2019 on, the activity of UNIR Research (which is always maintained as unified brand) is carried out by the Vice-rectorate for International Research.

From July 2016 until September 2019, the Vice-rectorate for Knowledge Transfer & Technology carried out these activities giving a special attention to all the international agreements and projects.

From October 2011 to June 2016, the Vice-rectorate for Research & Technology carried out all that activity, working as a seed for national and international research at UNIR.

The following links give you access to a diverse information on that period: